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Meet Queen Candace 

Serial Entrepreneur, Money Management Specialist, and Finsperational™️ Speaker

Queen Candace is a Money Management Specialist™️ from Brooklyn, NY with a Bachelors in Psychology.  Growing up her family wasn’t very knowledgeable about finances and passed down quite a few financial generational curses

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Resources, references, reviews and the Fianncial Scoop! Get all the current financial information you need including Queen Candace's thoughts on financial and economic topics

Transform Your Mind

Many only think of money in the physical dollar amount but money is ENERGY! Therefore it manifests in multiple different areas of our lives. In this course, you'll discover 3 other types of ways to think and associate with money





"Working with Candace has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. When I started working with her I had just come out of divorce and job loss which left me in a debt crisis. Ignoring my debt and spending more money was my therapeutic way to deal with the anxiety around my finances. Candace’s methods for developing a healthy money mindset and establishing a financial recovery plan for me has put me on a path to be debt-free. More importantly, I have a healthier relationship with money and understand the value of having good credit. I feel so much more secure in my financial decisions thanks to her and would highly recommend her services"

Misty Campbell

CEO of 3012 Fashion Ave

When sis says she has the blueprint, she means it! I’ve never met someone so caring and dedicated to helping people better themselves, business & over all life experience. I have worked with Candace with budgeting, fixing my credit, life insurance and business planning. She has fully changed what I perceived to be accomplishable and offers information and connections for everything you may need! She is my plug for everything and I will absolutely continue to work with her and her company in the future! Thank you so much!


Yonette Mounsey

CEO of Vibrate Higher Boutique

"I cannot say enough good things about this company and it’s CEO Candace. I’ve been working with Candace for about 3 months now and I couldn’t be more grateful for how much she has helped change my life already. Not only is she just a beautiful being overall but she is so knowledgeable and full of resources. I am still on my financial journey with her but I couldn’t be happier with her services so far. I would HIGHLY recommend working with her if you’re trying to get your finances back on track. She is AMAZING"


Delaina Henry

CEO of Delaina's Canvas

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