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International Generational Wealth

We believe that everyone deserves to be free from the concerns of systemic racism. We’ve created a project with two opportunities. For those investors, you can get in on the ground floor of the construction project to reap the capital gains. For those looking to maintain or improve their own lifestyle situation, we want to provide this community to you as a chance at freedom for you and your family!

Answer the Call...

A driving force for the change and B1 growth that we’re dedicated to seeing in the Diaspora, we are continually adding partnerships that present opportunities specialized for the Diaspora to expand your entrepreneurial footprint into the Motherland! Check back often to see and new projects that we’re spearheading & register for our business forum to find opportunities for you to individually partner with companies in the Motherland!

It's Time to Invest in the Motherland

Join us LIVE as we break down each investment opportunity. You'll get clarity on the difference of each project, see visuals of each area, understand where the funding will come from and get informed about our investment TRIPS! That's right PLURAL, we want to bring you there first to enjoy the country and get a lay of the land. Then we'll double back for a business CSuite experience about the different real estate and business investment opportunities

Send your questions, comments or concerns to team@royalfreedomproject.com

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