Mother and Daughter

Manage Your Business Revenue
Leverage Your Business Credit™️

ISSA COLLAB! As financial literacy and generational wealth advocates, Queen Candace & Credit Goddess wants to bring the information directly to you. In this workshop, they'll share how they were able to beat the odds and elevate financially in half the time it takes most!

We'll cover:

  • How you should be structuring your 3 business profit centers

  • How to Utilize Your Business Credit to Fund Your Business

Meet Your Instructors


Queen Candace is a Money Management Specialist™️ from Brooklyn, NY with a Bachelors in Psychology.  Growing up her family wasn’t very knowledgeable about finances and passed down quite a few financial generational curses. In 2015 she found herself in 50K debt. During her debt payoff journey, she realized a lot of her spending was due to emotional triggers. She used her knowledge of psychology, mental health diagnosis, financial research along with trial and error to clear her debt. Not only that but within the same year of paying off the rest of her debt, she also established her business and purchased her first home at the age of 26.


Her mission is to help the Black community switch to a wealth mindset through financial literacy, financial planning, and financial therapy. She's assisted over 20 clients achieve financial stability, facilitated over 10 workshops & masterclasses as well as spoken/hosted multiple events in-person & virtually.

Credit Goddess is a serial entrepreneur born & raised in Miami, FL. Her interest in consumer credit grew once she repaired my own credit from a low 500 to a high 700s. She then was inspired to leave her job in 2016 to work full time in her business leveraging my credit.


She carries several credit & finance certifications including an FCRA certification that has led her to be quite knowledgeable in the consumer credit arena. Her success in this industry has inspired her to educate the community on having a better lifestyle by having good credit.

Fast forward today, Credit Goddess became a business loan broker and consultant with NAV. NAV’s mission is to reduce the death rate of small businesses because small businesses are the backbone of our economy.

  • Includes fillable PDF workbook to work through while Queen Candace & Credit Goddess teach

  • Stay to the end or you'll miss all the goodies!