I Made the Switch from Azlo to NOVO

So I'm deeply saddened that Azlo is no longer doing small business banking. Oddly enough I started my entrepreneur journey with them at the same time they started in 2017. I know many entrepreneurs are hart broke like me because they were pretty awesome with no bank fees and referral incentives that I've definitely profited from! I've also sent countless clients (warm & cold) who needed to separate their personal & business funds to them as well.

So if you're looking for an Azlo alternative or if you're just starting and you want a business bank account, my first choice is most definitely NOVO. No hassle, up and running within days.

Since I've been forced to look at other banks I'm falling in love with a new bank! NOVO's enrollment process is much smoother than Azlo and I was done in 5 minutes and if I remember correctly the verification period only took about 24-48hrs (so painless I can't even remember how long it took)

Not only that but their customer service is A1! I was searching for an alternative to a statement in order to continue depositing funds from my WiX website and they were so very helpful. They responded in less than 2hrs and walked me through where I could access a bank letter that was already in my dashboard and located in their mobile app as well. It did the trick and processing continued as usual UNINTERRUPTED. The entire process took less than a day and my card was received within a week. Now if that's not excellent service I don't know what is! Oh, and of course no maintenance fees just the way I like it.

Apply for a NOVO business banking checking account HERE

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